February 25th, 2009

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Quick Take

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

This is a quick take, to  be followed up later, on the state of our school budgets in California.  The state has a budget of sorts now.  Around 8 billion dollars has been cut from education throughout the spectrum, from pre-school to grad school.  Districts of all sizes are now able to make a somewhat educated guess about what to do with their budgets.  The most expensive item in any school’s budget, anywhere, is people.  Most districts are now attempting to figure out who stays and who goes and what else is going to be curtailed or eliminate Very large districts are probably able to cut more than very small districts.  The small district I work for functions on about six million dollars a year.  A large district not far from here is looking to cut two million dollars from a nine million dollar transportation encroachment into the general fund.  I have no idea what their total budget is, but I think it is rather large.  Passing out pink slips to the least senior and  telling the people in temporary positions that they won’t be back, and so on, is a difficult process.  Figuring out what the new rules are and what programs to keep is a delicate and difficult process.  It’s not over yet.  If you have any insights into what is likely to happen, by all means leave a message for all of us to read.